Best Free Ways to Promote Your Upcoming Event

You’re genuinely excited about the upcoming event you are organizing. The stage is set, the carpets are rolling, and now it is time for you to tell the world all about it. 
Unfortunately, you have a limited budget for promoting the event and have to think of the best free methods of promotion. 
If you’re in need of a way to promote your event without spending a dime, consider the following suggestions.

Make Your Event Page

Your events page is the go-to resource for everyone to know what they should about your event. Your event page should have all answers to the questions people usually have and should stand out over the normal pages that we see in our everyday lives. 
What is it that you can do with your events page to make it unique? Add an interactive map of what the event would look like. Allow people to ask questions and answer them. Make sure that things are happening.

List Your Event on Different Sites

Depending on your event type and the audience you’re targeting, sites like can make the promotion of events even easier for you. You can list your event on different websites for either a broader reach or targeted marketing.

Be Creative with Ticket Sales

Promotion doesn’t necessarily require a budget to start with. You can promote your event by being creative with the sale of your tickets. If you’re organizing a paid event, have an early bird discount and follow it up with numerous discounts for students and other groups of people. Let people know that they are welcome.

Embrace Social Media

You saw this coming, right? No guide to free event marketing can be complete without embracing social media. You need to leverage social media and all it entails to get the desired results. Create excitement and then deliver on it. 
Once you are done with promoting one event, track your record and learn from it to do better the next time.