How to Increase Your Event Page Conversion Rate

You're organizing an event, be it a training workshop, a panel discussion or a networking event. You create your event page, list the event on multiple sites and spend a big marketing budget to promote it on social media but you still don't reach your target registration count. What is it that you're doing wrong? Here're some tips to help you increase your event conversion rate and increase the number of attendees without spending a dime.

Create a Powerful Call-to-Action.

Your future attendees have 5 seconds to decide whether they want to continue viewing your event page. So you need to hook them during these first few seconds and here's how:

Write a killer tagline for your Call-to-Action (CTA). Make the visitor feel like they would miss out if they don't attend your event.

Make the CTA button clearly visible if you're creating your event page from scratch. Use the right color button and place it somewhere visible.

Include an Agenda.

People don't take risks with attending events because they would spend their money and time to commute and attend your event. There's a lot on the line here! So, make sure you tell them exactly what to expect when they attend your event. Include an agenda or outline for the event with little text and in a list format. People don't have time to read through paragraphs but if they see a list or an agenda they will appreciate it.

Events that include an agenda have higher conversion rates compared to those who don't.

Use the Right Visuals to Stir Emotions.

Stock images are nice until they're overused. Visitors can see right through them and naturally interpret stock images as fake images which may reduce your credibility. Some stock images may even give the impression of a scam. Here're what you should do:

Use high-resolution photos of past events you've hosted. Preferably ones with real faces and authentic expressions from your previous attendees. This supports your page by including some social proof and instills a little bit of FOMO in your visitors.

Let's be real, do you ever make a big purchase without reading reviews?

Drop Some Names.

To add to your FOMO strategy, you can drop some names to make your page more personal and credible. Whether it's the host's name, the speakers' names or famous attendee names. Any name with a short bio would do.

Don't ask for much .  Keep it Simple.

Make sure your onboarding process is simple. Reduce the number of steps a visitor would have to take from the landing page to the checkout page. If you're using an event listing platform, you're most probably good to go. But if you're not, don't force the visitor to fill out forms, or sign up to a newsletter if it's not necessary. You also don't want to lead your visitors to other sites to view content or make any actions.

The more steps a visitor has to take to register for your event, the higher the probability of them dropping at one of the steps. If you're feeling fancy, track the analytics to your event site (using Google Analytics for example), and see which step the visitor decides to drop at. If they stop at the landing page, then fix that. If they leave at the checkout page, then fix the checkout page.

Make Sure Your Page is Mobile-Friendly.

Most of your visitors are probably using their phone to view your event page. They're probably also are on the go and only have a couple of minutes to view your page. So make sure your event page is mobile-friendly.