Last Minute Techniques to Get Event Attendees to Sign Up

You're preparing a large event and everything seemed going well until a few weeks before the event. You realize you're not close to selling out and worry because won't magically increase in the last few weeks before your event. Extending early-bird registration will just look odd, and you know mediocre marketing won't save you.

Even if you're speaker lineup is topnotch and you're doing your best with social media marketing, it's still not enough. Here're some techniques to help boost your attendee list in no time.

1. Send Your Guests Personal Invites

Reach out to previous attendees and address them personally when sending them an invite. Appreciate their previous appearance and get them excited about your new event.

If it's your first time creating an event and you don't have a past list, stalk your followers on social media. Again, address them by name, thank them for following your feed, and invite them to register for your event. DMing them personally and appreciating can go a long way.

2. Retargeting Campaign

If you're allocating a budget on Ads, consider a retargeting campaign as early as you can. Retargeting campaigns are those Ads that follow you everywhere you go. Either displayed on a website you're browsing or scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook feed.

If you lost the chance to get an attendee to register for your event, a retargeting campaign will haunt them (no horror) until they do.

3. Help Your Current Guests Help You

If you think you're the best at promoting your event, think again. People love social proof. Invite your current guest list to invite their friends and reward them for it. Don't reward them with a last-minute discount because that would look fishy and unfair to those who registered early. Here's how you can reward your guest list for inviting their friends:

  • Prompt them to share the event on their social media in return for a gift card that can be used at the venue or at any other store.

  • Use affiliate marketing in which they can earn a commission per person invited through their link. This would work best for guests with a large follower base.

  • Create a 'refer a friend' program in which both the inviter and the friend are incentivized by a discount or a gift card.

Try to avoid those 2-for-1 sales because attendees don't necessarily have a plus-one and even if they do, how is that rewarding if they're paying for a full-price pass anyway? 

Same goes for 'panicky', 'last-minute' discount codes. Although they work wonderfully, if you occasionally host events, it won't be the smartest choice. One, because it'll make those who purchased a pass for full-price feel manipulated. Two, because it'll make people wait for those last-minute discounts when you host your next event. 

Having said that, if you don't have any other choice, go for it. Who doesn't like a bargain after all?

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